Flexible Extrusionsprofile

Make your own flexible light.

After many years of development, we have an extrusion material that integrates perfectly into your process technology. On the roll, without shape memory, with stable potting edges - the perfect solution for your production, or your products - which we manufacture for you too!

In addition to three standard variants, which you can see below (for which are no one-off costs), we can draw your own profile geometries. Low tool costs, space-saving delivery, easy handling - this is what makes our profiles so unique.

In addition to the extrusion profiles, we offer everything you need to be successful:

Holders made of non-stick silicone
End caps for different profile geometries
Special tools for assembling (LED Stripe roller, scissors, etc.)
Sealants to protect cable entries
Kink protection insert to prevent bending to the wrong side
and much more!

You decide:

if you manufacture yourself

if we manufacture for you

which electronics you insert

what quality you get

The right answer for every type of project business!

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