Know-how from 15 years of LED encapsulation technology & plastics technology.

Atmospheric potting (polyurethane/silicone/epoxy/acrylate), in combination with rapid prototyping (3D printing), extrusion, injection molding and other plastics technologies, offers great potential for the development of special, individual and customized products. In the field of lighting, but also in other areas where haptics and visual uniqueness are required, possibilities arise that previously seemed almost inconceivable.

We accompany you already from the development, or take over this completely. We evaluate the right chemistry, with consideration for color temperature, thermal management, boundary effects to your electronics, and all the parameters that go with it. We produce your sample and pilot series, and if required, we are happy to produce the series. The transfer of a stable process to your production by our personnel would be an alternative.

Of course, we also have a portfolio of our own developments to fall back on. Our mission is to revolutionize the custom lighting field, and provide ideas and techniques to enable you to innovate at the forefront.

Stand out from the competition, use our know-how from 15 years of LED encapsulation technology & plastics technology in general, and access our network.

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