Supplier management

External supplier management as a central component of strategic procurement management.

In addition to the extrusion of thermoplastic semi-finished products, which we develop & manufacture ourselves or purchase externally depending on the specifications, there are a variety of semi-finished products, components, accessories and much more, which are necessary to bring a functioning product to the market.

Historically, every luminaire manufacturer has probably already purchased semi-finished plastic products, probably light-diffusing covers made of polycarbonate (PC) or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).If one wants to offer the customer a modular system, one will not be able to avoid other items. End caps, cable sheathing, lenses, carrier systems - plastics are indispensable. While the complexity of a cover is still relatively low (beware, there are pitfalls here too!), it becomes difficult to keep track of everything in its entirety. The guideline: ,,Use only one material, then everything will be fine!" only works until you realize that not every plastic achieves satisfactory values in every process.

It would therefore also not be feasible for us to offer every semi-finished product in our own production. The variety of process technologies is enormous, the choice of materials - unmanageable. There is the right material for every application - leave it to us to find it and select the right processing/machining.

The supplier control lies here with us. Our network of partner companies from all areas of the industry is worth its weight in gold.

Our supplier control offers
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