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Since the beginning of our activity, we have been working very closely with the Demak Group, which, in addition to the heart - the mechanical engineering company Demak srl - also includes the subsidiary S.E. Special Engines, which develops and itself manufactures casting resins of all kinds.

In addition to conventional electronics potting, Demak is one of the pioneers and originators of flexible potting technology for lighting applications. The first homogeneous and bendable light lines would not have been possible without S.E.'s proprietary formulation, which guarantees increased tear resistance without sacrificing durability and service life.

Many companies have attempted to enter the market over the past decade, but have tried in vain to combine machine technology with functional raw materials for flexible applications.

We help our customers design potting equipment by evaluating or even developing possible product groups in advance. This allows us to define your processes much better and achieve a customized machine solution. Due to a meanwhile existing modular modular system for LED potting systems, you can serve almost all applications from the standard with Demak.

With a modern equipped laboratory, S.E. Special Engines is the ideal partner to guarantee long-term quality and customer satisfaction. Whether existing resin, or new development - we accompany you together until successful project completion.

We are well aware of the requirements of the LED industry, feel free to contact us and tell us your application - we will find, together with our strong partners, a solution.

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