Encapsulation technology

Precise metering of high-quality potting compounds directly on the component.

While processes such as conformal coating(coating) were well known from the PCB industry, full encapsulation for LED applications only gained importance in the last 10 years. Since every plastic (as with conformal coating) has some water absorption and allows moisture to pass through from a point, there were quickly areas of application that needed a more robust protection type. For this purpose, partial or full potting is ideal.

In potting, anautomatic metering and mixing unit is used to convey, homogenize and pour a (usually) 2-component resin mixture into the component. The polyol (A component) and the isocyanate (B component) are extremely susceptible to moisture in the unmixed state, which is why automated metering is mandatory. Potting by hand in the clear LED area is not a reliable series process.In the machines, the materials are protected from moisture and other environmental influences at all times. Furthermore, perfect homogenization is ensured to avoid streaks, bubbles and other effects.

The potting is adjustable in different hardnesses, viscosities and colors, so that floor applications are also possible. The "translucent" (homogeneous/opaque) potting layer has established itself as the "top coat". It ensures a homogeneous light emission surface without LED dots. Furthermore, it provides a haptically sophisticated luminaire finish, and exhibits higher water resistance.

Lamp body:
As ,,fillers" many different materials are usable. Driven by other LED applications, the potting of aluminum profiles takes a major role. But also stainless steel or adhesion-optimized plastics are used. In the selection of the body is very decisive as the subsequent environmental influences, how much heat is generated and must be dissipated, and how the different expansion coefficients work in relation to each other.

Anodized aluminum profile

The picture shows an anodized aluminum profile, with glued-in flexible LED board and multi-layer polyurethane potting. IP67 protection class.

Flexible pre-cast polyurethane housing

The picture shows a flexible pre-cast polyurethane housing. This is also produced, demolded and stored using the potting system. The advantage is identical frame and interior potting materials. A completely flexible light line is created.

Mold making material

The picture shows a (green) mold-making material into which white polyurethane is filled. This can be used to create a U-profile, for example, which serves as a later support for the LED strip.

Own extrusion material

Alternatively, we have a proprietary extrusion material that allows the production of flexible folding profiles on a roll. We can provide this, read more here.

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