Extrusion Technology

Your specialist for modern extrusion technology.

10 years of lighting technology - that means 10 years of project business.

It's always the same problem: An inquiry, a project, a certain meter length - you can not calculate further. Do you have to but says your supplier - we do not!

An extrusion die made of stainless steel with calibration is in the mid 4-digit range including development and sampling. A project-related amortization? Mostly impossible. And who says that the set measure will work in the next project?

The tool concept we operate is modular and can be changed on an ongoing basis.

Depending on the application, we resort to own material developments. Through many years of experience, we have succeeded in developing a material for the specific requirements of the lighting industry. This proprietary brand guarantees flexibility without susceptibility to cracking, UV and weathering resistance and an extremely low degree of deformation. This enables delivery on roll without allowing permanent deformation of the profile. Subsequent unrolling and potting is possible. Contact us!

Our advantages
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